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June Club

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Welcome to June Club!


This month's workshops are designed to elevate the actors abilities to perform and book auditions!

*Your June enrollment includes all of the following:


Audition Dynamics

Monday, June 5th at 8pm PST •
Monday, June 12th at 8pm PST •
Monday, June 19th at 8pm PST •
Monday, June 26th at 8pm PST •



Learn how to master the auditioning process and increase your booking ratios!

The Audition Dynamics course is a four-week program designed for actors looking to improve their auditioning skills and increase their chances of booking film, television and commercial roles. 

With a strong focus on both self-taped and in-person auditions, participants will learn best practices for auditioning, as well as specific techniques for excelling in cold reads, commercial auditions, and theatrical auditions. 

Throughout the course, actors will also learn more about creating strong characters, the dynamics of callbacks, and how to leverage each aspect of the audition process to their advantage to stand out in front of casting directors. 


Join our 4-week online course, Audition Dynamics, where we'll cover:

⭐Mastering auditions

⭐Analyzing the script

⭐The art of the callback

⭐Equipment checklists

⭐Self-tapes & in-person auditions

⭐Rehearsal & cold read practices 

⭐Leveraging casting director feedback 

⭐Commercial vs. theatrical auditioning

⭐Chemistry reads & booking the audition

⭐Creating strong characters & performances that stand out


 🎬 You'll work on audition material for each category every week!  🎬

*Additional info here



Scene Study Workshop

• Wednesday, June 28th at 8pm PST •

The Scene Study Workshop helps actors expand their rehearsing skills, interpret scenes, develop character motivation and relationships, and find authenticity within the material through experience.



Improv Intensive

• Saturday, June 24th at 12pm PST •


The Improv Intensive Workshop focuses on improving improvisation skills through exercises and games.

This workshop helps actors build techniques for generating ideas, working with a scene partner, and building trust and communication within a group - an immensely valuable tool for actors auditioning in the industry today.



*Each class is approx. 2 hours