Transform Your Passion into Powerful Performances

At RAW, we're dedicated to nurturing both aspiring and seasoned actors at every phase of their careers, offering tailored courses, exclusive in-person workshops, private coaching, and career consultations, equipping actors with the essential tools for success in today's competitive industry.

With over three decades of experience, we take pride in our collaborations with top-tier talent such as Drew Barrymore, Giovanni Ribisi, Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Taryn Manning, The Kardashians, and many more!

Join us and discover firsthand what sets us apart – come experience the buzz at RAW!

⭐ Testimonials ⭐

Richard, you are great!  You'll do great!

Anthony Hopkins

Incredible Experience! This workshop strengthens your ability in your acting performance. Richie inspires you to reach places you never thought you could express. It is truly an uplifting experience every time you enter the room. His coaching is unique and incomparable. His technique allows you to freely express yourself and become comfortable in your own skin to deliver in ways that surprise us.

Margerita N.

Richie was such an incredible coach for my client! She was extremely happy working with him! Thank you so much for being a great coach!!! You are greatly appreciated!

Desta W.

It's my therapy.  I feel completely stress free when I leave.

Tony H.

I love the fact that it's on Zoom which makes it accessible anywhere and everywhere and able to network with people from different locations of the world!

It's also a great platform that aids you on the possibility of an instantaneous audition through practice of cold reads, playing around with the script in a 'tight' time, and letting loose during improv.

Nasyhithah Z.

Love how at home I always feel and Richie is amazing on a multitude of levels. This is my go to for just about everything! I trust in the process and no pressure. All we are asked is to be open and honest and be ourselves, and most of all enjoy what we love!

Christine S.

This is one of the top actors studios in Los Angeles.

Hersh D.

If you are looking to grow as an actor and get rid of the bullsh*t, this is the promise land.

Drue Knapp

Richie really helped me to "get there" in a scene that needed all of me. He helped me dig deep to truly bring what the character needed.

Buffy M.


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