Short Film Masterclass + Production

Short Film Masterclass + Production

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ACTORS! This is what you've been waiting for!!


Join us in Los Angeles at the end of August 2024 to become an IMDB credited actor and producer on our newest project!

The most difficult leap for an actor is to go from training to getting credited roles and tape for their demo reels. Without this it can be a catch-22 when trying to secure trustworthy representation or booking credible projects. 

Our Short Film Masterclass and Production is designed to give actors a hands-on filmmaking experience from start to finish in a collaborative and educational format. You'll earn IMDB credits as both an actor and producer, plus gain valuable industry connections. Most importantly, you get to apply your training to a legitimate production as a working actor and walk away with personally tailored footage for your demo reel!

In addition to real world training, actors will receive a copy of RAW's Short Film Production Handbook: a thorough guide to producing your own content with detailed information, checklists, necessary contracts, and more! 

Your investment includes all of the following:

  • Speaking role with credit on IMDB
  • Associate Producer credit on IMDB
  • Gain first-hand experience on the set of a film from pre-production to post-production (and everything in between!)
  • An edited copy of your scene for your demo reel
  • R.A.W.'s Short Film Production Handbook
  • Exclusive invites to any events, premiers and festivals related to the project
  • Social media credits on posts related to the film
  • Rehearsals and on-set coaching with Master Acting Coach, Richie Chance

*DEADLINE TO JOIN IS AUG. 1ST or once all positions have been filled

tentative shoot dates: Aug. 31st & Sept. 1st

*Limited spaces available



The Short Film Masterclass and Production has investment tiers of all levels. Upgrades are available for actors who wish to elevate their role and credit to more esteemed positions. (ex: Starring roles, executive or co-producer credits..)

Please contact RAW.CONTACTME@GMAIL.COM for more details


*Actors will receive the Short Film Production Handbook upon purchase. Please note: purchases are non-refundable.