The Actors Lab (a la carte)

The Actors Lab (a la carte)

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Welcome to The Actors Lab

Welcome to The Actors Lab, where acting transcends mere performance—it's a craft built on core principles, strategic finesse, and unwavering consistency. 

Our classes are designed to delve deep into the essence of acting, honing key strategies for outstanding performances while emphasizing the significance of consistent training, akin to a dedicated bodybuilder sculpting their physique in the gym. 

We believe that actors who commit to consistent training are primed for success, forging valuable industry relationships, cultivating a reputable image, and ensuring longevity in their careers. 

At the end of each month, actors who have completed at least ONE Actors Lab scene study workshop can participate in The Actors Showcase—an exclusive platform allowing talents to shine before top-tier industry professionals. This showcase serves as a gateway to establish meaningful connections that propel careers to unparalleled heights.  

Join us at The Actors Lab and embark on a journey where dedication meets opportunity, shaping your path to a thriving and enduring acting career.

💥 Actors have been cast for lead roles & signed for theatrical/commercial representation directly from our previous showcases!

This booking includes:

🎬 Scene Study Workshop(s)

- OR -

💰you can SAVE $35 when you book The Actors Lab package deal! (includes 3 scene study workshops PLUS The Actors Showcase!) 


July's Schedule:

🎬 Scene Study Workshop • Tuesday, July 9th at 8pm PST

🎬 Scene Study Workshop  Tuesday, July 16th at 8pm PST 

🎬 Scene Study Workshop  Tuesday, July 23rd at 8pm PST 

🎬 The Actors Showcase  Tuesday, July 30th at 8pm PST


Scene Study Workshop:

  • Character Creation & Development: Delve deep into character exploration and script analysis
  • Emotional Expression and Scene Rehearsal: Harness the power of emotions in your acting, rehearse scenes with depth, and receive constructive feedback from your coach
  • Improvisational Dexterity: Master the ability to spontaneously and skillfully react, adapt, and create in the moment, enhancing performance authenticity and versatility on stage or screen
  • Cold-reading: prepare for inevitable script changes and mastering unprepared performances quickly
  • Script Analysis: Laying the foundation for authentic portrayals
  • Blocking and On-Camera Techniques: Master the technical aspects of on-camera acting, including blocking, maintaining eye-lines & emotional trajectory
  • Cinematic Elements and Final Performances: Explore the magic of cinematic techniques and deliver powerful, emotionally charged performances.

*In these workshops, actors will rehearse their scene for The Actors Showcase.



*All workshops & showcase are online

*Each workshop is approx. 2 hours

💰SAVE BIG when you book The Actors Lab package deal and get each workshop for only $31!!! This package includes 3 scene study workshops PLUS The Actors Showcase!  To take advantage of this offer, it must be booked before the start of the first workshop of the month.

*Actors must attend at least one Actors Lab scene study workshops within the month to participate in The Actors Showcase