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Dylan Sprayberry Heads to France to Film 'Flower Boy'

Dylan Sprayberry Flower Boy
Flower Boy, a short film co-created and co-directed by Dylan Sprayberry, follows an 18 year old named Cypress on a coming-of-age journey through France after the tragic loss of his mother.  He leaves behind his life in the United States to reconnect with his biological father and face all the new challenges that lay ahead of him as he adapts to a brand new environment.
Dylan Sprayberry has studied acting with us for well over a decade and continues to grow into a multi-faceted artist, not only with  
Alongside Dylan, he is joined by writer-actor; Khylin Rhambo, actor; Daniel Catton, writer-dir.; Jilani Ghafur, prod. to create a wonderful ensemble on this production.  They are filming in both Los Angeles and France.  This is Dylan's first short film.
You can show support and contribute to their Indigogo here
Learn more about Dylan Sprayberry:

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