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Catching up with Oleg Jones

Oleg Jones IGTV Richie's Actors Workshop
Artist Oleg Jones is known for his unique renditions of the American flag that represents love and unity. His pieces can be found in some of Los Angele’s most iconic locations.

In this exclusive interview, Oleg shares his journey from the Canary Islands to Hollywood, how he used our studio to learn how to express himself creatively while finding himself as an artist, and his advice to others who desire to live an authentic and fulfilling life with passion.

You can find Oleg’s artwork at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Starbucks, The Abbey, and Melrose Ave, as well as in the homes of Elon Musk and George Lopez.

He is currently organizing a crowdfunding campaign to build the Guinness Book of World Records tallest flagpole in the world for USA, in Central Park.


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