November Club + Actors Showcase

November Club + Actors Showcase

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The November Club is a 4-week course that encompasses a variety of stages imperative to the actors journey.  From callback mechanicscharacter development, script analysis and emotional technique, to improvisation, rehearsal and on-camera awareness, The November Club will fully prepare the actor for a successful showcase with industry professionals at the end of the month.  

November Club Overview:

    • Callback Masterclass
    • Improv Intensive Workshop
    • Scene Study Workshop (showcase prep)
    • The Actors Showcase

 *Please note: Only November Club members will be eligible for The Actors Showcase

💥 Actors have been cast for lead roles & signed for theatrical representation directly from our previous showcases!



• Wednesday, November 8th at 8pm PST •

Delve into the intricacies of callback auditions. You'll gain insights into the different types of callbacks, from Zoom to in-person auditions, chemistry reads, as well as network and studio approval.

Discover strategies to optimize your booking rates and make positive, lasting impressions on casting directors. Practical application takes the form of callback-style improvisations, followed by a cold read challenge, ensuring you're well-prepared for upcoming sessions.



    • Wednesday, November 15th at 8pm PST •

    The Improv Intensive Workshop focuses on improving improvisation skills through exercises and games.

    This workshop helps actors build techniques for generating ideas, working with a scene partner, and building trust and communication within a group - an immensely valuable tool for actors auditioning in the industry today.



    • Wednesday, November 22nd at 8pm PST •

    The Scene Study Workshop helps actors expand their rehearsing skills, interpret scenes, develop character motivation and relationships, and find authenticity within the material through experience. Embark on a transformative journey in our scene study workshop, delving deep into emotional exploration, nuanced character development, and intense interpersonal dynamics, all aimed at honing your ability to deliver powerful and captivating performances.

    In this workshop, actors will rehearse their scenes for The Actors Showcase



    • Wednesday, November 29th at 8pm PST •


    Showcase your talent to industry professionals!!

    The Actors Showcase is an intimate arena for actors to perform rehearsed scenes directed by Richie Chance in front of industry professionals, followed by a Q&A. 

    Showcase your polished scenes, show off your newfound skills, connect with industry insiders, and build your network!

    💥 Actors have been directly cast for lead roles & signed for theatrical representation from previous showcases!

    *Special guest(s) TBA.

    • Only November Club members will be eligible for The Actors Showcase •


    Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your acting career. Join us for a month that could shape the next chapter of your artistic journey. Let's make your experience memorable and impactful!

    *Workshops are not available a la carte

    **All workshops are online with Master Acting Coach, Richie Chance